This website champions the view that a wave on new understanding sweeping across the cultures of the world – understanding the story of life on Earth – is a precondition for the social changes necessary to ensure the survival of human civilisation. It is a pivotal first step in the global transition to ecological sustainability.

Those of us who share this view ask – ‘How might this cultural and social transformation be brought about?’

My own opinion is that the best hope for the future lies in the formation of a new kind of international body that has the dual purpose of

(1) spreading understanding of the story of life and the human place in nature across the cultures of the world, and

(2) providing a framework for the exchange of ideas about the meaning of this story for individuals and for society as a whole. It will also lobby educational authorities and international agencies to promote biounderstanding across human communities globally.

Let us tentatively call this institution the International Bio-Forum (IBF).

IBF will make full use of the social media, and it will also distribute booklets and other printed material to schools, governments and governmental agencies and community groups.

There will be a system of membership, for individuals and groups who agree with the aims of the organisation and who would like to play an active role in bringing about this crucial cultural transformation

IBF will encourage the formation of local groups, members of which will meet informally to exchange views on life and the way forward to a healthy and sustainable future for humankind and the living systems of our planet. Local groups will initiate community activities consistent with the aims of IBF. The local groups will also provide an opportunity for convivial social gatherings celebrating life on Earth.

IBF could make a major contribution to a successful transition to a healthy and sustainable society of the future.

Finally, I would like to make the point that, in my view, Australia is in a position to make a major contribution to humanity, by playing a leading role among nations in the transition to a biosensitive society. It can do so by setting an example and showing how it can be done. This applies especially to the most critical issue at the present time – the urgent need to shift from fossil fuels to clean sources of energy.

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