This website champions the view that a wave of new understanding sweeping across the cultures of the world – understanding the story of life on Earth – is a precondition for the social changes necessary to ensure the survival of human civilisation. Those of us who share this view ask – how might this pivotal first step be brought about?

My own opinion is that this could best be achieved by creating an international network of organisations that have the dual purpose of

(1) spreading understanding of the story of life and the human place in nature across the cultures of the world, and

(2) providing a framework for the exchange of ideas about the meaning of the story of life for individuals and for society as a whole.

It will also lobby educational authorities and international agencies to promote such understanding across human communities globally.

Let us tentatively call this institution the International Biocentre Network (IBN).

IBN will make full use of social media, and it will also distribute booklets and other printed material to schools, governments and governmental agencies and community groups.

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