This website is an outcome of my work in human ecology and biohistory at the Australian National University from 1965 to 1990 and after my formal retirement since that time. It is not a scholarly treatise. It makes no attempt to review or discuss all the important publications in this field since the ground-breaking contributions of Teddy Goldsmith, Paul Erhlich, Barry Commoner, Arne Naess and Donella and Dennis Meadows around fifty years ago.

The website is simply a summary of my own personal thoughts, that I would like to communicate to my family and friends, and to anyone else who might be interested.

I am among those who appreciate that the only hope for the future lies in a radical cultural and social transformation, leading to big changes in the pattern and scale of human activities the world over, and to societies that are truly respectful and sensitive to Nature and the processes of life on which we depend. I am convinced that this crucial cultural transformation will not happen unless there comes about a great wave of new understanding, sweeping across these cultures – understanding of the story of life on Earth and the human place in nature.

The website aims to explain this viewpoint.

Stephen Boyden