What I Don’t Know

In the beginning

The information that leads me to believe these things (see above) comes from the natural sciences. However, the sciences have not explained the origin of all the processes which underpin the universe, life on Earth and our own existence. There must be an explanation – but we are ignorant of it.

Thus, science still leaves an unexplained mystery – the mystery of existence – the mystery of the origin of the natural phenomena and laws that gave rise to the living world. This underlying mystery is ultimately responsible for me, and for all life on Earth.

It has been said that life itself is ultimately explainable in terms of the laws of physics. These laws will lead, willy-nilly, to life on suitable planets in the universe. I am not competent to pass judgement on this hypothesis. But let us suppose it is correct – then we are still left with the question ‘Where did the laws of physics come from?’, just as those who believe in God must ask ‘Who, or what, created God?’.

And indeed, what a wondrous set of laws − laws that have led to the eventual coming into being – starting from the primordial mass of matter and energy – of the vast array of living organisms that make up our biosphere today, as well as the plays of Shakespeare and the symphonies of Beethoven!

So, I do not know what lies behind it all.

Life after death

I don’t know whether the human spirit, or soul, is immortal. I think it very unlikely.

The human spirit is a manifestation of the processes of life within the human body. When these processes are no more, then the human spirit is no more. Of course, people like to believe there is life after death, because people like living.

The happenings in one’s life were real, and perhaps are real. We don’ understand time.


Again, I don’t know, but it seems very unlikely. Human consciousness and the human spirit are a function of, and dependent on, the processes of life within the human body. How could they survive transfer to another organism?


Some people firmly believe that flying objects, manned by living beings or supernatural forces from outer space, visit the Earth now and again, and some think they are evidence of a universal mind or spirit. I am sceptical. I think the evidence is totally unconvincing. Why don’t these beings stay around and make contact with us, or leave some concrete evidence of their existence?


I don’t know if telepathy exists. Personal experience makes me feel it is possible. And when small groups of people talk about telepathy, a surprising number of individuals tell of apparent telepathic experiences, which are nearly always associated with an unexpected calamity, such as the injury or death of a close friend or relative. If telepathy does exist, it seems that it only occurs spontaneously and unintentionally. Countless experiments in which people have tried to transmit thoughts to others have failed to produce any evidence for telepathy.

So – are the apparent instances of telepathy that we hear about just chance? I don’t know. I am open to the idea that telepathy may be a manifestation of a dimension of reality of which we are normally totally unaware – perhaps somewhat akin to the entanglement at a distance of quantum physics? If telepathy is real, then I suppose it is a manifestation of life.

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