Cultural Gullibility

The bionarrative draws our attention to the tendency of humans to accept as gospel the messages coming from their close cultural environment. While occasional individuals reject some of the assumptions, attitudes and prejudices of the culture in which they have grown up, they are a minority.  Most people remain true to their cultural inheritance throughout their lives.  This natural tendency of humans to blindly accept the assumptions and prejudices of the cultural soups in which they have been immersed since childhood lies behind most of the conflicts between different ethnic and religious groups that still plague world today.  Cultural gullibility is an outstanding human characteristic.  

The bionarrative thus alerts us to the brainwashing power of culture and of the critical need to be constantly vigilant – making sure that the worldviews, assumptions and priorities of our cultures are in tune reality; and that they are not leading us to behave in ways that are causing unnecessary human suffering or damage to the living systems on which we depend.

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