Proposal for an International Biocentre

This proposal for the establishment of a new kind of international organisation, which we are provisionally calling the International BioCentre (IBC), is based on the following tenets:

· Present patterns of human activity on Earth are on a scale and of a kind that are unsustainable ecologically. Climate change is at present the most critical issue, but there are many other anthropogenic threats to the sustainability of the living systems that underpin our existence. If present trends continue unabated, the collapse of civilisation is inevitable.

· The survival of civilisation will require a radical cultural transformation, leading to a new society that is truly in harmony with nature (A Biosensitive Society).

· This transformation will not take place unless a great wave of new understanding spreads across the cultures of the world – understanding of life on Earth and the human place in nature (Biounderstanding).

· This wave of new understanding, sweeping across the prevailing cultures worldwide, is thus a precondition for the survival of civilisation and the future wellbeing of humankind.

It is therefore proposed that a new kind of international organisation be established as soon as possible that is dedicated to spreading understanding of life on Earth and the human place in nature across all cultures of the world, highlighting aspects of special relevance to the wellbeing of humankind and of the living systems around us.

The IBC will also provide a framework for informed dialogue about the social changes necessary for the achievement of a society is truly sensitive to, in tune with and respectful of the processes of life that underpin our existence, and how they can be brought about. It will communicate the outcome of these deliberations online and directly to politicians and governments.

It is recommended that an International Biocentre Planning Group be formed as soon as possible to develop the proposal in detail.

If interested, please contact me at

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